The Armory Show | Hales Gallery | Pier 94 | Booth 732

New abstract painting is a major feature on our booth this year. Andrew Bick, the British painter has been represented by the gallery for the last 20 years and will show alongside Adam Ross (USA) and Frank Bowling RA OBE (Guyana). Bowling's recent works Benjamin's Mess (Hot Hands), 2006and Tyger Tyger, 2008 will be exhibited at The Armory Show. In crontrast, his poured paintings from the 1970's will go on show at Tate Britain later this spring.


Painted photographs have regularly been included on the gallery's art fair booths. This year is no exception. Hales will show a large painted photograph from Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer, Serpent in Hortus, 2011 which he started in 2006 and only completed late 2011. Hew Locke's obsession with painting over photographs of monumental sculpture shows no sign of diminishing. On this occasion we will show an obsessive photo work of the bronze statue of Peter Pan situated in Kensington Gardens, London.


The use of historic techniques to speak about contemporary values can be seen in Adam Dant's eight panelled ink and wash drawings' Redchurch Street, 2010. The workis based on the 18th century pictorial satirist, William Hogarth's A Rake's Progress, 1732 - 33. Instead of a young 18th century Rake, Dant tells the story of a young 00's banker out for the night on the trendiest street in East London and his steady decline. Jane Wilbraham's delicate, whittled and carved wood sculptures and watercolours mimic folk crafts but poetically speak the language of subversion. Thomas J Price's finely crafted neo-classical bronzes of imagined characters, commentate upon the historic languages of sculptural form whilst also creating statuesque and believable personages of the current age.


There will also be works available by:


Richard Galpin.

Bob and Roberta Smith.

Darina Karpov.

March 6, 2012