Hew Locke's first permanent London sculpture "Selene" to be unveiled at the opening of the Nadler Hotel in Soho

Hales Gallery is delighted to announce the unveiling of Selene, Hew Locke's first permanent work in London that will stand proud on the façade of the new Nadler Hotel, Carlisle Street, in London's Soho.


Selene is a fully rounded over-life size bronze figure, and is named after the Greek goddess of the moon and of magic


"I was commissioned by The Nadler Hotel to create a figurative sculpture representing Sleep. I wanted to make a classical statue with a contemporary twist, partly inspired by Art Nouveau designs of dreamy women, but with a feel of intensity and ritual.  Selene is an powerful goddess reworked for today's London - a dream-weaver and magical protector."


"I have shown Selene floating at the center of a galaxy of stars, ceremonially offering garlands representing magical potions associated with sleep and love.  Referencing Soho's Theatreland, I have included belladonna (a plant that has been suggested as creating Juliet's deep-sleep in Romeo and Juliet) and pansies (used as a love potion in A Midsummer Night's Dream).  Two different night-blooming flowers, both known as 'Queen of the Night'  - one a type of cactus, the other a type of jasmine - are joined by winged masks of the Greek personification of sleep, Hypnos." Hew Locke

The Nadler Soho will be open to the public at the end of May. The hotel, which is located in a landmark building in the heart of Soho, will become the flagship of the newly rebranded Nadler Hotels group.

April 6, 2013