Trenton Doyle Hancock's "Mound at Large" at Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce Trenton Doyle Hancock's exhibition Mound at Large at iMOCA CityWay, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. 


'Intricate candy-colored prints, drawings, collaged felt paintings and site-specific installations work together to tell the story of the Mounds, a group of bizarre mythical creatures that are the tragic protagonists of the artist's unfolding narrative between good and evil. Storytelling is a central part of Hancock's artistic practice. Each new work serves as a contribution to the saga of the Mounds, portraying the birth, life, death, afterlife, and even dream states of these half-animal, half-plant creatures, and their aggressors, the Vegans. As a whole, Hancock's highly developed cast of characters acts out a complex mythological battle, creating an elaborate cosmology that embodies his unique aesthetic ideals, musings on color, language, emotions and ultimately, good versus evil.'

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Trenton Doyle Hancock

Mound at Large

Opening: 9 January 2015, 6-11pm

10 January - 20 March 2015

iMOCA CityWay

216 E South St. 

Indianapolis, IN 46225


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January 17, 2015