Hew Locke in "Colonial Afterlives" at Salamanca Arts Centre, Tasmania

Hales Gallery is happy to announce Hew Locke's participation in Colonial Afterlives, part of the Tasmanian International Arts Festival, Spring 2015. 


This exhibition will consider a range of contemporary responses to British colonisation from indigenous and diasporic artists living in Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, Britain and Canada. It will incorporate a diversity of views ranging from melancholic eulogies to passionate and sometimes scathing commentaries on the complex legacies of British occupation. Ultimately, it will raise larger questions around the nature of post-colonial identity in an increasingly globalised and globalising world. A selection of works from Hew Locke's ongoing series of share certificates will be on display.

Hew Locke

Colonial Afterlives

Opening event: 19 March 2015, 5:30pm

19 March - 27 April 2015

Long Gallery

Salamanca Arts Centre

77 Salamanca Place 

Hobart, Tasmania 7000



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March 17, 2015