Rachael Champion in "Architecture of Enjoyment" at Horatio Jr, London

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce Rachael Champion's participation in Architecture of Enjoyment, a travelling exhibition that was first staged at Fokidos 21, an artist-run space in Athens, in October 2014.


Curated by Marcelle Joseph, the exhibition of contemporary art and design was inspired by French philosopher Henri Lefebvre's forgotten manuscript entitled Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment written in 1973 and published for the first time in 2014. In this exhibition the Costa Blanca high-rises of Benidorm used in Lefebvre's text are replaced with an artist-run space along the Thames in southeast London. Each of the six artists, including Champion, have been paired with a designer or architect to create their own mini-architectural "environment of enjoyment". Champion's collaboration with Variant Office, composed of inverted aquatic plants and layflat hose and titled Inverted Aquatic Lounge, picks up on themes prevalent in Champion's work, exploring the relationship between industry, technology and nature.  


Rachael Champion

Architecture of Enjoyment

Horatio Jr. 

9th May - 5th June 2015

The Lord Nelson, 66 Canon Beck Road

Rotherhithe, London SE16 7DN


Curator's Tour: Thursday 21st May, 11am

Closing Party: Friday 5th June, 6-9pm 


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May 14, 2015