Rachael Champion in 10 One Night Stands with Maciej Urbanek

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce Rachael Champion's participation in Maciej Urbanek's 10 One Night Stands.


Champion will be the final artist to co-exhibit with Urbanek as part of his ten week series of two-person shows, or 'One Night Stands'. In each two-person show, the project seeks to confront and frame both artists' art practices, by selecting recent works that complement, contrast or otherwise create dialogues between distinct working methods, styles and themes. This way of exhibiting departs from the conventions of the solo and group show, towards a playful fooling around but also towards rigorous, and exciting means of provoking conversation about contemporary art.


Rachael Champion

10 One Night Stands

15 July, 6-9pm

Unit K

97 Lea Bridge Road 

London E10 7QL



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June 17, 2015