Andrew Bick: "Conversation" at Liverpool Hope University Gallery and Public Lecture at Capstone Theatre

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce Andrew Bick's exhibition Conversation at The Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University, opening on 16 November, and Public Lecture at Capstone Theatre, Monday 23 November, 2015, 7-30pm.


Andrew Bick draws on his experience as artist and curator to explore the idea of conversation as a means of making exhibitions. Bick uses the ideas of art historical research as a platform from which to both animate his own work and engage with the work of other artists in ways that are generative, methodical and sometimes haphazard. Both making painting and organising exhibitions in collaborative contexts are what drives Bick’s approach to analysing, discussing and persuading his audience to engage with contemporary abstraction, not as something un-engaging and difficult, but as a complex art form, witty, full of human anecdote, but which can also be austere and demanding in the most rewarding ways possible. Dialogue, as a means of reinterpreting overlooked and undervalued artists (and of reappraising contemporary practice) is made possible through an astute adjustment of contemporary art’s relationship with the past; this is central to Bick’s methods and this public lecture and subsequent informal discussion will reflect his current exhibition project with Liverpool Hope University and present his engagement with the work of some of his key collaborators.



Andrew Bick

The Cornerstone Gallery
16 November – 18 December 2015

Liverpool Hope University
The Creative Campus
17 Shaw Street

Liverpool, L6 1HP

Public lecture

Capstone Theatre

Monday 23 November, 2015, 7:30pm

Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus
17 Shaw Street

Liverpool, L6 1HP

October 13, 2015