Stuart Brisley | DRAWN at DRAF

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce a new 4day/24 hour performance titled DRAWN by Stuart Brisley specifically conceived for the David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF), from the 2nd - 5th March 2016. There will be a curated programme of the artist's films accompanying the live work.


"Meanings of drawn or it comes to the same thing follows a path similar to what a live action drawn out during 6 hours a day might be like:

Evenness, equality (of time), monotony, level, stretching on the bed of Procrustes.

Who was Procrustes? 

From Wikipedia:

In Greek mythology, Procrustes (Προκρούστης) or "the stretcher [who hammers out the metal]", also known as Prokoptas or Damastes(Δαμαστής) "subduer", was a rogue smith and bandit from Attica who physically attacked people by stretching them or cutting off their legs, so as to force them to fit the size of an iron bed. In general, when something is Procrustean, different lengths or sizes or properties are fitted to an arbitrary standard.

We could also think about elevation, or perhaps prediction (drawn from a heap of entrails).

Or perhaps imagination is a word we could use, dreams, Arabian nights, utopia.

Diffuseness, amplification, looseness, maundering.

Then opposition, discord and finally non completion.


Event is incomplete, battle is drawn, action is ongoing, hands are in the fire, body is drawn."


Stuart Brisley

Dungeness, 2016


David Roberts Art Foundation

Symes Mews

London NW1 7JE


For more information please click here

January 14, 2016