Trenton Doyle Hancock in "Black Pulp!" at Yale School of Art

Hales Gallery is pleased to annouce Trenton Doyle Hancock's participation in Black Pulp!, an exhibition curated by Artists William Villalongo and Mark Thomas Gibson at the Yale School of Art. The exhibition runs until March 11th. 


The exhibition features rare print media, comics and contemporary art from the Black Diaspora showcasing the creative use of printed media to leverage limited notions of black subjectivity and humanity. It is an unpunprecedented overview of over 90 years of Black image production by Black publishers, Black artists and by non-Black artists and publishers allied with foregrounding the Black experience. Many works on view offer up windows into the darker, erotic, satirical, and more absurd recesses of the Black popular imagination; while underscoring important debates around personhood and identity.


Black Pulp! 

19 January - 11 March 2016

Edgewood Avenue Gallery

32 Edgewood Avenue

New Haven, CT 06520



For more information on the exhibition please click here.

January 23, 2016