Trenton Doyle Hancock unveils 'Legends' Mural at University of Houston Downtown

Hales Gallery is delighted to announce a special Trenton Doyle Hancock commision at the University of Houston-Downtown. With a vision to improve access for students, the University completed work on a 26,000-square-foot facility overlooking White Oak Bayou in December 2015. The Welcome Centre's lobby features a commissioned 29 by 36 foot permanent wall installation by Trenton Doyle Hancock, providing a striking point of entry for students of the university. Constructed of Plexiglas, LEGENDS is an arrangement of painted panels depicting a tree that articulates the familial, nurturing aspect of the University. Hancock’s work is the latest contribution to his signature “Mounds” series, portraying the birth, life, death, afterlife and dream states of half-animal, half-plant creatures.


"LEGENDS is a 36 foot tall flat acrylic tree. The tree is a central symbol in my practice, and I feel that it perfectly articulates the familial nurturing aspect of the university. Weaving in and around the branches and trunk of the tree, are colorful bands with the word LEGENDS and is as a mantra of power and hope. I chose this word because it resonates triumphantly and speaks to the legacy of the school. [...]


Also, there is a character central to my painting mythology called Mound # 1, the Legend. He is the center of my painted universe and one that exudes an air of hope and represents long-standing ideals. He lives in the forest and his infrastructure/skeleton is shaped like a tree. So this resonates with me on a very personal level and is a natural outgrowth of my painting practice. 


In creating this, an endlessly complex and engaging design is what I was after. I want people to find their way into the work and enjoy the puzzle of finding their way out of the work. I want it to be something that people are excited to return to for repeat viewings and to never get old. I want LEGENDS to not only be the destination, but also the journey." 


-Trenton Doyle Hancock



University of Houston-Downtown

One Main Street,


Texas 77002-1001

February 19, 2016