Andrea Geyer | Could Be (An Arrow) | Museo Jumex

Hales Gallery is excited to announce the inclusion of Andrea Geyer in the exhibition Could Be (An Arrow) at  Museo Jumex, Mexcio. 


Could Be (An Arrow) explores the way in which a series of women artists have sought to interrogate and, in some cases, subvert the traditional canons of image production in art. The works included deploy different conceptual and formal strategies which challenge prescribed ideas of femininity, inverting the gaze traditionally laid on women in order to question the spectator.


The exhibition takes as a departure point the optical unconscious, a term coined by philosopher Walter Benjamin to describe the expanded perceptual ability introduced by photographic and cinema cameras. The images they capture have radically changed our perception of reality by revealing that which before was impossible to consciously see. As a result, visual culture itself has been transformed. This exhibition gathers works in diverse media which multiply the definition of what is, or could be considered, an image.


This reading of La Colección Jumex is organized as a series of six constellations. The trajectory starts with an analysis of human perception, the relation we have with the machines that visually reproduce the world, the construction of space and how its traditional connotations can be transgressed. Other sections examine the political, historical and affective dimensions of a given context, both at the level of the landscape and of public and private spaces. This interrogation runs through the fields of affects and the body. Throughout the show, an expanded notion of portraiture is put forward, whereby images can act as mirrors – allowing us to see and subvert notions of identity produced by a reflection.


In addition to the works from La Colección Jumex, other pieces are included to expand the plurality of voices, working as hinges within the general narrative of this exhibition. 



Andrea Geyer

Could Be (An Arrow)

Museo Jumex

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 303

Colonia Granada

11520 Mexico City

29 November 2018 - 31 March 2019 


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December 13, 2018