Announcing Representation | Chitra Ganesh

Hales is proud to announce representation of New York based artist Chitra Ganesh. Ganesh's first solo exhibition with the gallery will be held at Hales New York in 2021.


Across a twenty-year practice, Chitra Ganesh (b. 1975 Brooklyn, New York) has developed an expansive body of work rooted in drawing and painting, which has evolved to encompass video, sculpture, computer generated image, and collage. Informed by her studies in literature and semiotic theory, Ganesh explores storytelling traditions and mythologies, bringing important historical conversations to the contemporary moment. 

With influences including South Asian iconography, Bollywood posters, science fiction, vintage comic books, and that of queer theory, Ganesh forms nonlinear narratives and highly detailed visual worlds that subvert traditional storytelling to create women and queer-centric narratives of the future. She draws out alternative depictions of sexuality and power, highlighting the accounts of women who have often been subsumed or marginalized. In Ganesh’s work, women and queer characters become the protagonists, actively shaping their futures.

As part of this new relationship, we look forward to collaborating with Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco, USA and Gallery Espace, New Delhi, India.

July 7, 2020