Painting by Virginia Jaramillo enters the collection of the El Paso Museum of Art

Hales is proud to announce that Site: No. 6: 13.5320° S, 71.9675° W (2018) by Virginia Jaramillo has entered the collection of the El Paso Museum of Art, Texas, USA. The addition to the collection is of great significance for both artist and museum as El Paso is the birthplace of Jaramillo. 


Made in 2018, Site: No. 6: 13.5320° S, 71.9675° W, 2018, is one of Jaramillo’s recent ‘Site’ paintings. In this body of works she focuses on the intricacies of the structures left behind by ancient cultures. Each painting is an in-depth study into the physical and spiritual life of ruins. In calculated compositions, Jaramillo utilizes diverse brushstroke techniques to build rich, varied textural surfaces which distinguish fractured and fragmented forms. Jaramillo derives her color palette of saturated earth tones from the symbolic and mythological contexts of each ancient site. The title of each work refers to the site’s exact physical coordinates on the planet, Site: No. 6: 13.5320° S, 71.9675° W indicates Cusco, Peru.

September 15, 2020