Announcing Representation | Gray Wielebinski

Hales is proud to announce representation of London and Los Angeles based artist Gray Wielebinski. Wielebinski’s first solo exhibition with the gallery will be held at Hales London in Spring 2021. 

Through their expansive practice, Gray Wielebinski (b. 1991 Dallas, TX, USA) explores the intersections of mythology, identity, gender, nationhood and memory. Reconfiguring and transforming iconography and visual codes, their work seeks to navigate and question society’s frameworks and belief systems. Wielebinski deftly confronts realities in order to imagine and propose alternatives.

Mythology weaves a strong thread throughout Wielebinski's works, they draw on both ancient and contemporary myths that exist in our daily lives. Their interest in myth making stemmed from an upbringing in Dallas, Texas, which created a deep fascination with Americana, particularly the narratives that surround cowboys and sports. Wielebinski notes that Texas has a potent mythologizing of itself and a specific history and culture. They then moved to Los Angeles, California which has its own relationship to fantasy and myth making via Hollywood. 

Engaging directly with the contexts in which we live, Wielebinski reveals how narratives reflect and shape our identities. Their work opens up the possibilities for a more inclusive storytelling, by reimagining dominant societal mythology. Wielebinski creates a world that rejects the duality of feminine and masculine, before and after, for an inclusive utopia where multiple identities can exist.

October 2, 2020