Shemza Digital | Now Live

Hales is pleased to announce Shemza.Digital, a project by Aphra Shemza, the granddaughter of Anwar Jalal Shemza, in collaboration with digital artist Stuart Batchelor. The project builds on the life and work of Anwar Jalal Shemza with an intention to create the world's largest participatory artwork. 


Inspired by Anwar Jalal Shemza’s 1962 painting ‘One to Nine and One to Seven’ Aphra Shemza & Stuart Batchelor use the painting’s Urdu inscribed quote “One circle, one square, one problem, one life is not enough to solve it”, to continue the exploration Anwar Shemza dedicated his practice to. 


The collaborative project is a new online and interactive artwork, where the public to join in on a journey of creating art that is free & accessible to all.



For more information please click here.


November 2, 2020