Rachael Champion | Course and Flow | London borough of Haringey

Hales is excited to announce Rachael Champion’s first permanent public art installation, Course and Flow, located in the London borough of Haringey.


Course and Flow is a sculpture and seating apparatus that commemorates the Moselle Brook, a hidden river that flows through the London borough of Haringey in the form of a topographical map.  This artwork brings into focus the varied topography of Haringey from the source of the Moselle in Queen’s Wood to the west at 130 meters above sea level to the Moselle’s outflow east into the River Lea.  The course of the Moselle is demarcated with a distinct coloured resin inlay. Words, images and phrases relating to the Moselle as well as recreational spaces along its course adorn the surface of the artwork, endowing the map with notions of the river’s social history and context.


The sculpture is made from Derbyshire Mandale limestone which is a British stone renowned for its abundant visible fossils and was carved with a five axis CNC stone milling machine.  The production process has been intentionally left visible including the bore holes from where the stone was hewn from the quarry to the registration marks for the bed of the CNC machine.  The natural edge of the stone has been left intact to function as a seating apparatus for residents and visitors and also highlights the physical transformation that the stone has undergone.  The sculpture has been expertly fabricated by Stone Circle in Basingstoke, UK.


The sculpture is situated along the course of the Moselle Brook which flows through the Clarendon housing development and beneath Hornsey park. Course and Flow offers residents and passers-by an opportunity to reflect on the landscape topography of the area and encourages an understanding of the surrounding landscape through interaction.


Course and Flow was commissioned by St William and curated and produced by Dallas-Pierce-Quintero.



Rachael Champion

Course and Flow

Hornsey Park Clarendon

London Borough of Haringey


Permanent installation.


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November 26, 2020