Maja Ruznic | In the Sliver of the Sun | The Harwood Museum of Art

Hales is pleased to announce In the Sliver of the Sun, a solo exhibition by Maja Ruznic, which is now on view at The Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, NM, USA.

Predominantly a painter, Ruznic draws on personal and collective memories to create works that deeply connect with human psyche. Allowing for figures to emerge from the thin layers of oil paint she applies to the canvas, the characters seemingly coalesce with their environments. The works in In the Sliver of the Sun depict ghostly figures that arouse a sense of touch through erasure. Simultaneously fading into and emerging from the horizon, they seem to be returning from a long journey. 

The title for In the Sliver of the Sun came to Ruznic as she watched her cat seek out sun-drenched shafts of light for her naps. She considered what the sun was providing – a sense of comfort, warmth and relaxation. “I think all of the figures I’ve been painting the last few months are looking for a sliver of the sun,” said Ruznic. “I feel the colors and the way I’m applying the paint, is acting as a kind of ointment for me – it isn’t intentional, it’s intuitive.”



Maja Ruznic
In the Sliver of the Sun
6 March - 26 September 2021
The Harwood Museum of Art
238 Ledoux Street
Taos, New Mexico 87571



The exhibition at Harewood Museum or Art is accomanied by a catalogue, available to preorder now.


Maja Ruznic
In The Sliver of The Sun
Text by Nicole Dial-Kay, Hariz Halilovich, Annie Godfrey Larmon
Harwood Museum of Art, 2021
56 pages, hardcover
10 12 × 8 12 inches



Pre-order here

August 19, 2021