Announcing Representation | Anthony Cudahy

Hales is proud to announce representation of American artist Anthony Cudahy. The gallery will present a solo exhibition of Cudahy’s work in New York City in September 2021. 

Cudahy’s tender paintings reveal the nuanced complexities of life. In masterful compositions he creates a world for unspoken stories, intimate moments and romantic gesture. Personal and poetic, Cudahy’s figures coalesce with the atmosphere of their environments in fluid brushstrokes.


For Cudahy, the archive becomes a site for imagining – in the process of painting, scenes become less specific to time and place but hint more at the mythical or potential reality. References from art history ranging from Pompeii tiles, the Bayeux tapestry, Bruegel and Bosch find their way into his lexicon and visual shorthand. Cudahy intuitively combines motifs with personal imagery to create a complex compositional puzzle. Bringing the past into the present, the sensitive works re-visit and expand on the original references.

Cudahy works on many painterly projects that are linked to queer histories which have been left untold. By painting and re-contextualizing the past to address the present, the artist speaks to the continuum of queer experience across generations. In Cudahy’s dedicated practice, he explores intimacy and vulnerability, as well as trauma in distinctly hopeful works. In allegories of histories forgotten, he shows how active the past is in shaping the future.


Anthony Cudahy (b.1989 Florida, USA) received a BFA from Pratt Institute, NY in 2011 and completed an MFA at Hunter College, NY in 2020. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  

Cudahy presented a solo exhibition, Burn Across the Breeze at 1969 Gallery, NY (2021) and has upcoming solo shows at Hales, NY; Semiose Gallery, Paris, France, and a two-person show at Deli Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. He has had solo shows at Farewell Books Austin, TX; 1969 Gallery, NY; Cooler Gallery, NY; Mumbo's Outfit, NY; and The Java Project in Brooklyn, NY, all USA. He has been in group shows at Pratt Institute’s Dekalb Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Perrotin Gallery, NY, USA; Rude Assembly, Sydney, Australia; Danese/Corey NY, USA; Semiose Gallery, Paris, France; Kapp Kapp, Philadelphia, PA, USA; Half Gallery, NY, USA; Deli Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Practice, NY, USA; Harpy Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA; ATHICA, GA, USA; Monya Rowe Gallery, NY; Pale Horse, Mulherin, Toronto, ON, Canada; the Dawn Hunter Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; 68 Projects, Berlin, Germany, among others. His work has also been featured and reviewed in publications including Artforum, W Mag Korea, Brooklyn Rail, The London Magazine, Cultured Mag, Mossless, GAYLETTER, the Paris Review, Hello Mr., Marco Polo Quarterly, and Cakeboy. He is a former resident of the Artha Project, NY, USA. In 2017 Dashwood Books released Vigil (RHYTHM) Vigil, a volume of Cudahy’s paintings alongside photographs by his husband Ian Lewandowski, which was in 2018 featured in the Queering Space exhibition at Alfred University, NY.

March 22, 2021