Ebony G. Patterson | Liverpool Biennial | Tate Liverpool

Hales is delighted to announce that Ebony G. Patterson is included in the 2021 Liverpool Biennial presenting hand embellished textile works at Tate Liverpool.


Artworks on display will include ...fraught...for those who bear/bare witness (2018), as well as a new floor work, ... when the cry takes root ... (2021). Patterson considers gardens as a space of both beauty and burial, filled with fleeting aesthetics and mourning. They serve as a “postcolonial” symbol of the past that is never fully buried and barely visible. Patterson’s works further reflect on her interest in the disenfranchised communities of today – particularly of the working class. The objects and materials, each with its own narrative, are assembled together to create a new meaning – yet there is a sense of fragility as they barely hang onto each other. Against the floral backdrop, the objects and figures on the ground-level epitomize images of death – of the bodies that have fallen to the ground. Patterson’s gardens are never far from notions of violence, of memorial, of blood and tears.


The new work is commissioned by Liverpool Biennial with support VIA Art Fund, Monique Meloche Gallery Chicago, and Rodney Miller.



Ebony G. Patterson

Liverpool Biennial

Tate Liverpool
Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Liverpool, L3 4BB


20 March – 20 June 2021


For more information please click here.

March 17, 2021