Chitra Ganesh | Armory Access: Curated | The Pandemic is a Portal

Hales is delighted to announce the inclusion of Chitra Ganesh in the online exhibition Armory Access: Curated, The Pandemic is a Portal, curated by Daniel S. Palmer, Curator, Public Art Fund.

This online exhibition brings together a diverse group of artworks that address perceptual and social transformation. Arundhati Roy’s poignant April 2020 text The Pandemic is a Portal serves as a starting point for this visual essay, focusing on the idea that the pandemic and other traumatic moments provide us with an opportunity to break from the past, come to terms with current injustices, and reconceive the world anew. The term “portal” evokes a science-fiction entrance to another dimension or an impressive gateway to a magisterial sanctuary. Once we have made the active decision to cross such a controlled access point, our perception and our reality are altered on the other side. At the critical juncture we face today, will we turn our back to yesterday and take the step forward from this world into the next? What will we leave behind?



Chitra Ganesh
The Pandemic is a Portal
Armory Access: Curated
15 – 25 April 2021
An online exhibition curated by Daniel S. Palmer, Curator, Public Art Fund


Access the online exhibition here.


April 15, 2021