Gray Wielebinski & Sunil Gupta | By Any Means | V.O Curations

By Any Means is a group exhibition curated by former V.O artist in residence, Gray Wielebinski and features work by Sunil Gupta.

Considering an expanded and contextualised exploration of revenge, the show includes newly commissioned pieces by Dala Nasser and Zadie Xa, alongside work by Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Umar Rashid (Frohawk Two Feathers), Sunil Gupta and Gray Wielebinski. By Any Means acknowledges that revenge - how it is achieved and narrativised - is deeply rooted and inextricable from social, political and historical contexts, and the power structures that shape them.


Gray Wielebinski and curator/writer, Cairo Clarke, have programmed a series of film screenings that will be shown in tandem with the exhibition. These will take place in the fifth floor project space at V.O Curations on 24 and 31 July, and 7 and 14 August. 


The conception of a screening programme nods to the legacy of the underground and adult film cultures in the neighbouring London area of Soho, allowing for the thinking through of opacity as a tool to maintain the existence of spaces and communities that are constantly being pushed out and destroyed by institutional, commercial and capital-orientated power structures, whilst also recognising the danger of opacity when used by those structures themselves. 



Gray Wielebinski & Sunil Gupta

By Any Means

V.O Curations

56 Conduit Street

London W1S 2YZ


23 July - 26 August 2021


For more information and the full screening schedule, please click here.

Screenings must be pre-booked, please visit the booking page here.



July 15, 2021