Sunil Gupta in Conversation | Hawala | Paradise Row

Hales is delighted to announce the inclusion of Sunil Gupta in the group show Hawala on view at Paradise Row, Mayfair. Gupta will also take part in an in conversation with curator Shezad Dawood on Tuesday 21 September to discuss the show. 
The exhibition takes as its starting point the parallels between hawala, the informal, decentralised, and ledger-based system of money exchange prevalent in South Asia and its diasporic communities, and the structure and functionality of blockchain technology.

The show brings together a group of London-based artists of South Asian descent selected to highlight hyperlinked connections that run throughout their practice, either through a contemporary updating of mythic constellations, or an archiving of subcultures or ecologies. Across painting, photography, sculpture, clothing, and a metaverse counterpart – to be launched and sold as an NFT in October as part of the show – Hawala will function as an IRL and digital marketplace that harnesses collective agency and energy.

Supporting the climate change mitigation work of Conservation Action Trust, India, and WWF Pakistan, the exhibition showcases how a group of creatives, here encompassing the artists, the curator and the gallery, can present compelling cultural work on critical social and environmental issues, raising funds and awareness by activating commercial and informational systems both old and new.



Sunil Gupta

Paradise Row 

2 Bourdon Street

Mayfair, London


16 September - 29 October 2021


Sunil Gupta in conversation with Shezad Dawood

Tuesday 21 September, 6.30-8.30pm

September 14, 2021