Adam Dant | The Triumph of Debt | Museum Im Bellpark Kriens, Switzerland | 23rd August - 25 October 2009

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce Adam Dant The Triumph of Debt at Museum Im Bellpark Kriens, Switzerland.


The show runs from 23rd August - 25 October 2009


Adam Dant first made his name with Donald Parsnips' Daily Journal, a satirical pamphlet filled with scenes from London's business world, which he distributed on foot to an international readership. His sharp eye was honed further by spending six months in private banks and Mayfair's hedge fund offices, observing the customs of "hedgies" at work and at play in their native habitat. As the financial crisis was unfolding, Adam Dant spent much of his time sitting in hedge fund offices, law offices and banks in order to understand the drama first hand. These observations resulted in a large body of work which led to the exhibition , The Triumph of Debt.


Adam Dant has found a comic visual language for the financial world and he creates a witty Hogarthian look at the debt crisis and the fallen world of high finance today. Dant's maps, publications and predominantly his large sepia ink drawings combine historical research, popular narrative and singular draftsmanship with a sense of the absurd.


Adam Dant's work will be shown for the first time in Switzerland at the Museum im Bellpark. It will provide a valuable insight into the London based artist's work. Adam Dant will produce some new work focused on Swiss banks. Sketch books, photographs, research documents will provide an insight in Adam Dant's working process.


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September 19, 2009