Ebony G. Patterson receives Distinguished Alumni Awards, Washington University in St Louis

Hales is pleased to announce Ebony G. Patterson has recieved the Distinguished Alumni Award from Washington University in St Louis. Each year the Arts & Sciences department recognises a few extraordinary alumni for their significant achievements.


Ebony G. Patterson’s (b. 1981 Kingston, Jamaica) multilayered practice – in sculpture, installation, performance, and video – uses beauty as a tool. She employs opulent, hand-embellished surfaces and brightly colored patterns to seduce the viewer into bearing witness to the violence and social injustices imposed upon the invisible and the voiceless. Her works command the viewer to look past the façade– of their rich formal characteristics, of the fabricated fantasies increasingly traded in our consumer and social media-centric culture– and to acknowledge the realities of those not touched by the glitter and gold. Her most recent solo exhibitions include ...when the cuts erupt...the garden rings...and the warning is a wailing... at CAM St. Louis (2020-21) which toured to the San Jose ICA (2021) and …for those who come to bear/bare witness… at Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark (2020-21), and she is included in the Athens and Liverpool Biennials (2021).


November 6, 2021