Andrea Geyer | European Trails | H2 - Center for Contemporary Art in the Glass Palace

Hales is excited to announce the inclusion of Andrea Geyer in European Trails at H2 - Center for Contemporary Art in the Glass Palace, Ausburg, Germany. 


European Trails presents European woman photographers as well as woman artists working with photography. Essentially, the exhibition is concerned with questions of origin, memory and identity. The own personal history and its transfer and artistic transcending into current social and political situations become a mirror of a general discussion about conditions of living and the balance of power between individuals as well as in society as a whole. With strong photographic images and installations, the exhibition presents works of outstanding contemporary women artists, whose conceptions are significant contributions to a contemporary debate in and about Europe. 



Andrea Geyer

European Trails 

H2 - Center for Contemporary Art in the Glass Palace 

Beim Glaspalast 1

86153 Augsburg



9 March - 18 September 2022

March 17, 2022