Sunil Gupta | Studio Voltaire Commission, Songs of Deliverance

Hales is excited to announce Sunil Gupta's Studio Voltaire commission will be on view from 24 March 2022 displayed across two London hospitals.

For this new commission, Gupta spent a year working in residence at two London hospitals: St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington and Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith. Recruited via an open invitation, LGBTQIA+ patients from the adult HIV Clinic and Gender Affirmation Surgery service were invited to collaborate and spend time with Gupta. Necessarily, many of these dialogues took place via Zoom, while Gupta met others in their own familiar and community spaces; a church yard, the high street, parks, rivers, bars or grocery stores.

Songs of Deliverance forms part of Desperate Living, an ongoing programme supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation that brings artists, public organisations and informal groups together to test out new and experimental forms of collaborative programming, knowledge sharing and production, explored through the lens of LGBTQIA+ healthcare.



Sunil Gupta

Songs of Deliverance

Studio Voltaire

1A Nelsons Row



25 March – 24 April 2022


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March 25, 2022