Gray Wielebinski | Love | Bold Tendencies

Hales is excited to announce the participation of Gray Wielebinski in Love at Bold Tendencies, Peckham, opening on 20 May 2022.


Wielebinski's work Pain and Glory invites participation both as viewer and spectator, obscuring and refracting the desiring gaze through holes, glass, and ornamentation. In doing so, it evokes spaces of sensual contact—bars, darkrooms, bathhouses, strip clubs—many of which have been pushed underground or eliminated entirely due to their association with a set of risks that includes HIV/AIDS, criminality, “indecency,” and, in recent times, Covid-19. 


Gray Wielebinski uses a multifaceted practice to explore the intersections of mythology with identity, gender, nationhood and memory. Reimagining the dominant myths which structure our society, Wielebinski interrogates the unspoken visual codes that construct social and moral values, focusing on areas such as sport, celebrity culture and costume. Using a combination of video, performance, collage, installation and sculpture, his work highlights the politically charged nature of social mythology and its relationship to power, gender and the human body. 



Gray Wielebinski


Bold Tendencies

95a Rye Lane

SE15 4TG


20 May – 17 September 2022


Click here for the Bold Tendencies website.

June 11, 2022