Sunil Gupta | BEND IT | Atelier Nord

Hales is delighted to announce the inclusion of Sunil Gupta in BEND IT and Atelier Nord, Oslo, until 26 June 2022. 


BEND IT is a celebration of queer art in the form of exhibition and concerts that encompass visual art, performance and music. By queer art we mean art that challenges norms related to gender, sexuality and identity. Often this art can include perspectives that have been overlooked and marginalized.


By contrasting recent queer art with queer art from the past, BEND IT shows how artists of different backgrounds have contributed towards placing diversity and representation on the current agenda. Queer art and culture is a global phenomenon, and BEND IT includes contributions from artists from Norway and Europe as well as artists with connections to the global south. National and international perspectives collide in a dialogue that emphasises spontaneity, contradiction and coincidence. BEND IT is both a pop-up exhibition and a celebration, focused on openness, diversity and elastic expressions of gender and humor.



Sunil Gupta 


Atelier Nord 

Olaf Ryes plass 2

0552 Oslo


9 June - 26 June 2022


Click here for the Atelier Nord website.

June 9, 2022