Hew Locke | Foreign Exchange | Birmingham 2022 Festival

Hales is delighted to announce the unveiling of Hew Locke's first temporary public sculpture, Foreign Exchange, as part of Birmingham 2022 Festival.


The new work reimagines Birmingham's Queen Victoria sculpture and is the culmination of two decades of research and exploration into historic statues. A monument often overlooked by passers-by, Locke draws attention to contemporary conversations around the symbolic power of public statuary. Reaching over seven meters high, Foreign Exchange wraps around the existing Queen Victoria statue, preserving its original state. Depicting a boat carrying five smaller replica statues of Queen Victoria, each figure wears a helmet, reminiscent of that worn by Britannia, and a replica medal signifying an important battle in the history of the British Empire.


Now on view through 15 August 2022. 



Hew Locke

Foreign Exchange 

Birmingham 2022 Festival 

Victoria Square


B1 2AF


14 June - 15 August 2022


Click here for more information from the IKON website.

June 15, 2022