Ebony G. Patterson | Triennial | Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

Hales is proud to announce the inclusion of Ebony G. Patterson in the 2022
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft Triennial: Divided We Fall. 
After the inaugural KMAC Triennial in 2019, the 2022 KMAC Triennial comes after the collective disruption, revolution, and rehabilitation felt by all of us in the last three years. The coronavirus pandemic, social unrest, and climate change has been acutely felt in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The 2022 KMAC Triennial: Divided We Fall, connects concerns relevant to our geographic region with issues that define the larger national narrative, revealing how our landscape can be a site of conflict and resistance, as well as a place of unity and mutual respect.



Ebony G. Patterson

KMAC Triennial: Divided We Fall

715 West Main Street





27 August - 6 November 2022


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August 26, 2022