Rotimi Fani Kayode | African Cosmologies: Redux | FotoFest

Hales is delighted to announce the inclusion of Rotimi Fani-Kayode in African Cosmologies: Redux at The Alta Arts as part of the FotoFest Biennale 2022, through 6 November 2022.
African Cosmologies: Redux is an adaptation of the postponed FotoFest Biennial 2020 exhibition, African Cosmologies: Photography, Time, and the Other, featuring artists included in the original iteration of that exhibition and complemented by a series of programs.
Curated by Mark Sealy, Director of the renowned London-based photographic art institution Autograph ABP, African Cosmologies: Redux is a large-scale group exhibition that examines the complex relationships between contemporary life in Africa, the African diaspora, and global histories of colonialism, photography, and rights and representation. The exhibition considers the history of photography as one closely tied to a colonial project and Western image production, highlighting artists who confront and challenge this shortsighted, albeit canonized lineage.


Rotimi Fani-Kayode 

African Cosmologies: Redux

The Alta Arts
5412 Ashbrook D


TX 77081


24 September - 6 November 2022


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September 24, 2022