Sarah Faux joins Hales

Hales is delighted to announce representation of Brooklyn-based painter Sarah Faux in collaboration with M+B and Capsule Shanghai. The gallery's first solo exhibition with Faux will open at Hales New York in Spring 2023.

Faux's somatic work lies at the threshold of figuration and abstraction. Her paintings embrace unabashed sensuality, autonomy and pleasure. Faux's fluid compositions teeter on the edge of reality, revealing how much of our emotional and sensory lives take place beneath the surface.

Initially, her works often appear abstract. Overlapping volumes of luminous color are seductively tied together by quick, writhing line drawings. In disorientating configurations, Faux mirrors and inverts bodily forms in close crops. Within her pools of luscious paint, viewers slowly discern moments of clarity - a resting hand, a knowing eye.
July 26, 2022