Chitra Ganesh | Resurgence | La Jolla

Hales is delighted to announce Chitra Ganesh's mural at La Jolla, entitled Resurgence, is now on view at 7540 Fay Avenue, California, sponsored by Larry & Tammy Hershfield, and Hal & Debby Jacobs.


Resurgence is a site-responsive mural by Chitra Ganesh, and the artist's first large-scale public work on the West Coast. The mural work celebrates the twinned realities of San Diego’s extraordinary biodiversity as both cause for celebration and rendering it vulnerable to the threats of climate change and extinction. Its stunning biodiversity combined with habitat loss and climate change means that San Diego is home to one of the highest numbers of endangered species in the United States.


Resurgence includes species that have been brought back from extinction, those under threat, and those that have been lost completely. At the same time, the mural includes species indigenous to both California and the East Coast, reflecting the artist’s own location, cohabiting in the space of this work. Rising from the center of the composition, the dynamic main figure floats suspended, in the midst of an ocean, surrounded by a broad range of animal and sea life. The mural projects a hypothetical future in which environmental harmony and potential toxicity are intimately intertwined.



Chitra Ganesh 


La Jolla

7540 Fay Avenue


CA 92037



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August 17, 2022