Haroun Hayward joins Hales

Hales is delighted to announce representation of London based artist Haroun Hayward. His first show with the gallery will open in Spring 2023 at Hales London.

Hayward's paintings are a celebration of hybridity, harmoniously converging art historical and musical references with distinct modes of making. The paintings honor what informs Hayward's personal and artistic narrative - rave culture, abstract expressionism, post war British landscape painting and his mother's textile collection. Growing up in North London in the 1990s, his formative years were spent skateboarding, listening to music with his older sibling and catching the tail end of the English rave scene.
Hayward explores visually communicating sound, specifically the interconnectedness of repetition in music and pattern in textiles. Repetition and remixing, to borrow from music terminology, are key to the artist's painting process. Often working in pairs, the 'siblings' or 'companions' create a visual tempo between the two. Painting in this way for the past few years comes after a period of not making work - his return to artmaking is defined by a focus on joy: 'I want these works to make you feel good. To remind you of the beauty and hope of dancing in a field with your friends.' (Hayward, 2021). 
November 1, 2022