Anthony Cudahy | Artsy Vanguard 2022

Hales is delighted to announce that Anthony Cudahy is apart of The Artsy Vanguard 2022. The Artsy Vanguard, now in its fifth edition, is an annual feature spotlighting the most promising artists working today. The group of rising talents we feature this year is multigenerational, international, and multidisciplinary-their mediums range from augmented reality to tapestry, painting to printmaking. 
"Anthony Cudahy is that peculiar thing, a serious painter who's also an unpredictable storyteller. Informed by a revival in New Narrative ideas-disintegration, intentionality, interiority-Cudahy's images are vaporous vignettes of washed-out figures who have turned away from worldliness." says John Belknap.
"Cudahy has a keen, if somewhat aching, sentimentality for what an American painting can and cannot address. Human frailty, restlessness, and environmental interfusion reign. As for any zeitgeist-specific imagery, "I really can't think of any pop culture references that are in my current work," he said. "Even getting the iPhone in a few paintings was a big deal for me. As some of the paintings get more and more specific and descriptive of place; it's not something I want to avoid. I guess the emotional tenor of the work and the shorthand I've developed over the years isn't very pop."
In addition to the editorial profiles, from now through December 11th, the artists' works will be featured on a digital billboard in New York City, on the corner of West 48th Street and Broadway in Times Square. 



Anthony Cudahy 

Artsy Vanguard 2022



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November 15, 2022