Anthony Cudahy | CULTURED Young Artist 2023

Hales congratulates Anthony Cudahy for his selection as one of Cultured's Young Artists 2023. Handpicked by CULTURED, the seventh annual selection comprises stars of the biennials and darlings of the market, as well as brand-new talents they can't wait to see more from.
"A latent romanticism that whispered through the surfaces of Cudahy's early canvases has risen to a crescendo in the past few years. In lockdown during the pandemic, the Brooklyn-based artist started making small-scale drawings, a departure from the larger works that made his name. The intimate portraits require a different sort of consideration and mark-making." says Sara Roffino.
"Cudahy is one of those artists for whom making is always relational. Painting, for him, is a simultaneous conversation with artists like Caspar David Friedrich and Giorgione, as well as peers like Jenna Gribbon and Louis Fratino. Yet his interests are equally grounded in the relationships among people and friends-who often become his subjects."

Anthony Cudahy
CULTURED Young Artists 2023
December 1, 2022