Hew Locke | The Procession | Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Hales is delighted to announce that Hew Locke's The Procession is now on view at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle. Formerly shown at Tate Britain, The Procession invites visitors to ‘reflect on the cycles of history, and the ebb and flow of cultures, people and finance and power.’

In the installation, Locke says that he 'makes links with the historical aftereffects of the sugar business' and revisits his artistic journey so far, including for example work with statues, share certificates, cardboard, rising sea levels, Carnival, and the military.

Throughout, visitors will see figures who travel through space and time. Here, they carry historical and cultural baggage, from evidence of global financial and violent colonial control embellished on their clothes and banners, alongside powerful images of some of the disappearing colonial architecture of Locke’s childhood in Guyana. The installation takes inspiration from real events and histories but overall, the figures invite us to walk alongside them, into an enlarged vision of an imagined future.

Hew Locke
The Procession
Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
Gateshead Quays
South Shore Road
18 February - 11 June 2023
February 22, 2023