Jordan Ann Craig | Rituals of Devotion | McEvoy Foundation for the Arts

Hales is excited to announce the inclusion of Jordan Ann Craig in Rituals of Devotion at the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, through 27 May 2023. 
Rituals of Devotion features sculpture, painting, and photography, culled from the McEvoy Family Collection and elsewhere, that illustrate the bridges built through art that bond us to each other and link us to the spiritual world.
The artists use a wide variety of methods to externalize the feelings inherent to the powerful connections we associate with faith, family, and community. Mary Carlson, Baseera Khan, Edvard Munch, Sahana Ramakrishnan, and others examine mythological subjects and iconography at the heart of various religions, drawing out new visions of old stories. Artists such as Karla Knight and Suzanne Treister engage symbols of spirituality that are familiar in form, including pictographs and tarot cards, and transform them to surface what often lies hidden. Depictions of the earthly plane are seen in chronicles of moments of tenderness between family, lovers, and friends captured by Lee Friedlander, Nan Goldin, and Zanele Muholi, among others.
Together, the artworks demonstrate the possibility offered by ritual to examine how our predecessors try to make sense of the unknown, while simultaneously defining new methods for sharing knowledge and care in our contemporary moment.

Jordan Ann Craig
Rituals of Devotion
McEvoy Foundation for the Arts

1150 25th Street, Building B
San Francisco

CA 94107


10 March – 17 May 2023


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March 10, 2023