Stand with Ukraine

18 - 27 March 2022

The exhibition at Hales London will be on view 18 - 19 March and is supplemented by an Online Viewing Room, which runs 18 - 27 March. Hales is proud to present Stand with Ukraine, a fundraising exhibition to aid humanitarian and medical relief for those affected by the war in Ukraine. The project brings together over 70 international artists represented by galleries across the UK and US. 


Following on from 8 years of war in Ukrainian Donbas, 24 February 2022 marked the beginning of Russia's full-scale assault on Ukraine. The world has since become witness to unjustified destruction, suffering and damage caused by this aggression, while at the same time being amazed and inspired by the courage of Ukrainian people. In a crisis that touched Hales in a very direct way (one of the members of our team is Ukrainian, born and raised in Kyiv) we want to lend support to those who need it most. 


Through generous support from our colleagues and friends, Stand with Ukraine will showcase works the sale of which will benefit the following causes: 


Ukrainian Ministry of Health x The Red Cross Ukraine

Meeting the needs of hospitals and emergency care facilities, which are the first to provide assistance to the wounded. 


Unicef Ukraine Relief

Ensuring safety and wellbeing of children affected by conflict. 


280 Days Charity Fund

Supporting expectant mothers and new-born babies, providing medical care, advice and necessary supplies, especially to those without access to critical maternal healthcare. 



We will also be purchasing medical supplies to go directly to volunteers working on the ground in Ukraine. 


We want to express our gratitude to all the artists and galleries who have donated works to this project:



Abdolreza Aminlar - Abraham Palatnik - Alina Zamanova - Alvaro Barrington - Andrea Geyer - Andrew Bick - Angela de la Cruz - Ann Craven  - Anousha Payne - Anthony Cudahy - Basil Beattie - Bedwyr Williams - Ben Jamie - Bernard Piffaretti - Callum Innes - Carolee Schneemann - Celia Hempton- Ceal Floyer - Chitra Ganesh - Christopher Le Brun - Daniel Silver - Danny Rolph - David Korty - Diana Krilova - Eamon Ore-Giron - Ebony G. Patterson - Edward Thomasson - Evgeny Antufiev - Federico Herrero - Gray Wielebinski - Haroon Mizra - Helen Marten - Hew Locke - Ian Lewandowski - Jane Wilbraham - Jess Littlewood - Jim Lambie - Jo Spence - Joanna Piotrowska - John Akromfrah - John Hoyland - John Riddy - Justin Liam O'Brien - Lana Locke - Laure Prouvost - Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou - LJ Roberts - Lubaina Himid - Luke Burton - Magda Blasinska - Maja Ruznic - Martin Wilner - Mary Webb - Max Wade - Maya Balcioglu - Michael Smith - Mona Ardeleanu - Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg - Neal Jones - Nicholas Cheveldave - Nicole Coson - Olha Pryymak - Paloma Varga Weisz - Patrick H Jones - Peter McDonald - Prem Sahib - Rachael Champion - Richard Slee - Ryan Gander - Sebastiaan Bremer - Shelagh Wakely - Simon Periton - Summer Wheat - Sunil Gupta - Susan Hiller - Vincent Hawkins - Virginia Jaramillo - William Wegman - WK Lyhne - Zoë Buckman


Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Barbara Davis Gallery, Ben Hunter, Bosse & Baum, Castor, EMALIN, Frith Street Gallery, Galeria Nara Roesler, Hollybush Gardens, Jack Bell Gallery, James Cohan, Kate MacGarry, König Galerie, Lisson Gallery, Lungley Gallery, Marc Selwyn, Monique Meloche Gallery, Monya Rowe Gallery, Paradise Row Projects, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, PPOW / Galerie Lelong & Co., Richard Saltoun, Sadie Coles HQ, Sid Motion Gallery, Southard Reid, The Sunday Painter.


Wine courtesy of Wines Under The Bonnet/London and Le Grappin/London 


Special partner British Ukrainian Society 


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