Deep! Down! Inside!

30 June - 11 August 2023 New York

Opening Reception: Thursday 29 June, 6 - 8pm


Hales is delighted to announce Deep! Down! Inside! a group exhibition curated by artist, Sarah Faux. The exhibition explores how a sense of self is connected to an inner sensory realm, with works by Felipe Baeza, Gaby Collins-Fernández, Sarah Faux, Chitra Ganesh, Emilie L. Gossiaux, Clare Grill, Maryam Hoseini, Em Kettner, Doron Langberg, Estefania Puerta, Katarina Riesing, Kaveri Raina, Victoria Roth, Tao Siqi, Ruby T, Sam Vernon and Mie Yim.  


Deep! Down! Inside! celebrates the act of getting out of your head and into a world of feeling. The artists in this show contend with what it is like to live in a body and in a context that you didn't choose, while navigating your sensational inner world. The works in this show range from Felipe Baeza's intimate collages to Mie Yim's shape-shifting pastels, Chitra Ganesh's bold drawing to Clare Grill's airy abstraction. Within this mix, viewers can engage with an array of approaches-painting, sculpture, drawing-all in the service of digging deep down inside. 


The artists in this show share fleshy fixations, navigating questions: If I suture these two fabrics together, will they bond like skin? If I see your chest through the crook of my elbow, are you contained within me? Their work thrives in the in-between spaces where sensations are exchanged: between two lovers, between a human and their animal, between our present moment and old wounds.  


The conversation between the artists here has developed organically - for some, over years. Recently many contributed to a collaborative zine that Faux produced alongside her solo exhibition at Hales New York earlier this year. As the project expanded into a collection of objects, the 1993 club hit Deep Inside kept running through Faux's brain, with its throbbing bass and repeated refrain: deep inside, deep down inside… Between the body and the psyche, the somatic and the self, feelings linger that can't quite be articulated - feelings embedded in our flesh that we don't often reveal but we know to be true. 

Installation Views