"Carolee Schneemann: Infinity Kisses" at The Merchant House, Amsterdam

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce Carolee Schneemann: Infinity Kisses, an exhibition of photographs, works on paper, and a video by the artist at The Merchant House in Amsterdam.


Focusing on the photographic series and video Infinity Kisses, which sensually portray the morning kisses Schneemann received from her cats, the exhibition illuminates the radical role that the nonhuman, feline body plays in her late erotics by foregrounding the centrality of the cat in her life and art, as companion and as a symbol. The introduction of Schneemann’s interspecies “kisses” with a site-specific installation that evokes her home highlights the domestic themes of her poetics of intimacy.

In contrast to the ecstatic bodies of Infinity Kisses, several of the accompanying works feature gruesome images of violated cats along with news of global atrocities. Sampling the gestural painterliness and collage aesthetics that underlie her practice, these prints hint at the darker role the body plays in Schneemann’s sorrowful diagnosis of Western civilization’s malaises.

Carolee Schneemann:

Infinity Kisses

January 22 - April 12, 2015

The Merchant House

Herengracht 254

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January 30, 2015