A Feature Film by Marielle Nitoslawska with Carolee Schneemann | Metrograph Theater

Hales Gallery is proud to announce Carolee Schneemann will be taking part in a Q&A with director Marielle Nitoslawska after the screening of her 2012 film Breaking the Frame. Showing at the Metrograph Theater, Nitoslawska's documentary is described as a portrait of Schneemann. By turns elliptical, poetic, and visceral, the wildly inventive Breaking the Frame eschews tepid paint-by-numbers biography, offering instead that rare artist doc that finds an innovative form worthy of its groundbreaking subject.




Carolee Schneemann

Breaking the Frame

Metrograph Theater

7 Ludlow Street

New York



9 December 2017 - 3.30pm


For more information please click here.



November 23, 2017